If you’re a high-performing professional woman who is tired of being tired, ready to ditch the stress and start enjoying your family, career & the life you’ve worked so hard to create.

You’re in the right place. 

From the outside, you probably look like you have it all:  Accomplished and confident. Upwardly mobile career.  Great kids.  Maybe even a supportive partner.

But on the inside:   You live in constant overwhelm, anxiety, exhaustion, and self-doubt. Or you feel like something is missing, and can’t figure out why you aren’t satisfied or happy anymore.

So What’s the Point of Having It All If You Can’t Enjoy It Too?

Its time for you to learn to live life “in sync”.  Where your career, family and other areas of your life support each other, instead of compete for your time.

Giving you the ease, satisfaction, calm and sense of accomplishment you crave. And providing your loved ones the gift of the incredible woman you are.

Hi, I’m Sonia Evans, and I was once in your shoes.

I was a high achieving, stressed out attorney mom for 23+ years, who wasted countless hours and energy trying to balance the demands of my legal career with motherhood, often at the expense of my own (and my family’s ) well-being and happiness. Today, as a certified coach I help moms in high-pressure careers avoid the costly mistakes I made and escape their own personal hamster wheels… without sacrificing their hard earned success.

Best investment of time I have made in personal development. Was finally able to break old patterns & behaviors that had been interfering with my life & happiness for years.”  S.G. – Management Consultant

Amazing, insightful & forward thinking. ”  L.W. – Account Executive

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