My Story

I know what it feels like to appear confident and successful on the outside while suffering in silence with overwhelm, self- doubt, and constant fear of dropping the ball.

As the mother of 2, I practiced law for 23 + years working as a Partner in a commercial litigation firm and then as General Counsel for an international company.   Although I excelled in my career, I was stressed out, felt like I had no control over my life or time, and was constantly juggling, and torn between, work and family priorities.

Eventually,  I went from being married with two young children clamoring for my attention, to being a divorced mom of teenagers who ignored me. By the time my oldest left for college, my stress had turned to daily and constant anxiety, my motivation tanked, my weight increased, and I couldn’t remember what it felt like to truly enjoy myself.

I  thought that running 24/7 was just the “way it is” if I wanted to be a successful lawyer and a good mom. I kept waiting for the “one day” I could relax and all my hard work would pay off.

Instead, the train hit me, and I never heard the whistle.

I now know that I had exhausted myself trying to live up to others expectations, “shoulds,” appearances, and some outdated vision of a “perfect life”.  And it wasn’t until  I learned to escape my own limiting beliefs, thoughts & perceptions, that I  finally began to live life with a renewed sense of meaning and joy.

Today, I combine my extensive coaches training with leading-edge research, tools, and methods, along with my own first-hand experience, to guide women out of their chaotic   (and sometimes soul-sucking)  work-life maze and into satisfying and happy personal and professional lives.

“Sonia’s knowledge, insight and patience helped me crystalize what I wanted and remove the self-imposed blocks getting in my way. Now doing what I know is best for me and my kids is easy and gratifying.”  S. A.  – Private School Director

Degrees & Certifications

Juris Doctorate (1993) University of Washington School of Law

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, (1989) University of Colorado at Boulder

Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (2010)  Coaches Training Institute

Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Empowerment Partnership (Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology)

Master Practitioner Mental & Emotional Release Therapy, Empowerment Partnership (Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology)

Strategic Intervention Coach,  Robbins-Maddanes Core 100

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