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Does this Sound like You?

  • Your mind runs 24/7 and you can’t turn it off.
  • You rush from place to place, always doing “something” but not enjoying anything.
  • You’re terrified that if you don’t respond to an email or phone call immediately, you’ll ruin your credibility along with your career.  
  • You feel guilty for being away from your kids, but when you’re with them, you bite their heads off or don’t enjoy them anyway.
  • Your partner and you are roommates raising kids and a date night sounds like more hassle than fun.

And  maybe you tell yourself things  will be different and you’ll be happier “as soon as” this project ends, the kids are older, after this school year, after the kids are back at school, that team member pulls his act together …

But instead, another week, then a month, then a year has passed and nothing has changed. If anything, it’s getting harder rather than easier.

I get it. And after 23+ years of trying harder as a mom and attorney— my reward was burnout.

I now know that the real solution is not a more flexible job, a more understanding boss, reliable extra help, meal delivery services, or the latest time management technique.

These are short-term solutions that leave you drained, frustrated and hopeless.

Which is why I developed the Work-Life In Sync Coaching Program,  to provide practical and sustainable solutions for ambitious professional moms who want incredibly satisfying lives.

Work-Life In Sync Coaching Program


Designed specifically for busy moms in high pressure or deadline-driven careers such as corporate professionals in executive or leadership roles, attorneys & entrepreneurs.


Working one on one confidentially with Sonia, you will learn practical and science backed tools and methods to fearlessly navigate a high-pressure career so you can regain control of your time and freedom without jeopardizing your sleep, sanity or success.

The program is customized to your unique situation and current challenges.


  • Learn to easily prioritize competing demands, and make guilt-free daily choices and decisions that lead to happiness and fulfillment rather than ones that leave you drained, dissatisfied and resentful.
  • Confidently  disconnect from work  (mentally & physically) and start engaging and playing with family and friends again.
  • Reduce overwhelm while increasing productivity and focus (both in and out of the office).  
  • Avoid burnout while still excelling in your career and being the mom you want to be (without the nagging fear and guilt that being a mom is harming your career and/or your career is damaging your kids).
  • Stop stressing and missing out, and start relaxing and hanging out.


Let’s find out if this program is right for you and if we are a good fit. message me below with questions and/or to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Although I am based in Colorado, I provide coaching via phone and video conferencing for clients world-wide.

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